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Hi All,

If pop up message is not user friendly then what severity we should give in buzilla

Major, Minor or else

Pls advice

Thanks in Advance

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pop up not user friendly, did not get what you want to get???
If Pop message is giving wrong message then the severity is Low. Because there is no Impact on the Application but Priority is High. Because we have to fix the Issue as early as possible
Malli!!!!!!! Consider a stock banking application, you are selling stocks and at the end your getting pop-up with wrong reference number, instead of reference number application displays a account number still you will mark SEVERITY as LOW.

In this case severity will Major.
It is totally depends upon the Business Prospects. If it is giving totally wring ID or Wrong System generated Number. Then it is Critical only.
Good Malli so will you agree the its a mix of funcutionality and Business which will decide the SEV or PRI.

It's depend upon the situation.
Minor: when any grammar mistake or UI issue.
Critical : If pop-up has OK button but it is not working for close the pop-up.


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