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can anybody help out!!!

i want to know abt video testing!!1

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Hi Prachi,

There are many video types like divx, avi, wmv. Different formats use different codecs. The main criteria is to check for the clarity of the video, speed (frames per second) and the audio quality and its synchronization with the video. 

Normally, stress testing and performance testing are famous testing that can be performed on 'streaming video' testing.

1. Check the Play/Pause button is correct correct(audio should not come on pressed pause button & audio play after pressed play button).
2. Check the Video time is displayed or not.
3. Navigation bar should work correct(by dragging left to right, right to left and noticed the time is varied according to them).
4. Forward and Backward buton should work correct(if it available).
5. Boh the Audio and Video should be Synchronize(matching video and audio).
6. Audio should be played in both the left and right ear head set.
7. Blurring videos and the location(time) should be notice and report.
8. Once the Video is End, the navigation bar should move to the initial position.
9.If user is working on wifi shift to 3g or 2g.
10.Using wifi move ouo wifi from the wifi then again come agian on wifi and observe it is resume or not(application)
11.Check some real scenerios like travelling on train and moving in a lift how it behaves.
12.check behaviour with 4g weather it shift to 3g or not.
13.check weather download is saved when intruppt and again resume at same place.wifi behaviour is slightly different as compared with 3g.
14.if bandwith is increased it should stop and resume again when it should be constant.
15.Ideally it should to stop when call come in 3g but some times it should stop streaming wait for call end and resume automatically.but in 4g u should do both at a same time.


Good suggestion vadivelan, can u tell me what kind of scenarios we can include in performance testing?

if u have experience of any real time project, kindly share it.


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