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Please suggest me any open source web service project

Please suggest me any open source web service project. I have developed one automation tool for web service based project. I want to automate one more web service project (should be open source).

Thanks in advance :)


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Hi Shiva,

Cant think of any open source WS project.

but could you please share some information about the tool which you have developed.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Anupama,
Thanks for your reply. Actually this tool is fully API based one. We have to do one more work to use this tool. Need to develop an interface to access those API's. And I used xml scripts. Few days before, I have tested the tool with my project. Its working fine. Actually i want to give the demo with one more WS based project. And I haven't completed the documentation work, I hope will complete it in 2 or 3 days. Will send you the documents ASAP (through mail). If you want will send you the code also.

Thanks once again for your reply :)

Thanks with Best Regards
Thanks for kind help Shiva..
it would e great if you can send me complete documentation at anupamakumbhar@gmail.com.


Please share with me also Shiva,, It will be a more help.
Hi Shiva,

it would e great if you can send me complete documentation at cns.praveen@gmail.com.
Yes, sure :)
Hi Shiva,

I am also looking for WS code.
Please send the code and documents on this mail ID prasanna.sable@gmail.com

Thanks in advance!!!
Sure Prasanna. Will send it in next week.
Hi Shiva,

SOAPUI is one of the open source Webservice Testing I guess... Like We can use the open source tool. am i right even i looking more to learn on webservices.. if am wrong let me know the details..


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