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Please Suggest me a best open source tool for browser compatibility testing

Please Suggest me a best open source tool for browser compatibility testing


i need to test my web applications in IE8, IE9, mozila 3.6, 4.0 and chrome or safari

I am looking for a software where I can record the steps once and want to run in all the other browsers please can any one suggest any open source tool for browser compatibility testing

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You can use Selenium RC to test on different browsers.

I understand that you are not looking out for UI aspects - As it is not a best practice to automate UI related stuff, neither is it feasible.


You can use Selenium RC if you are comfortable scripting the code. 


If you only want to record and playback the same tests on different browsers, use Selenium IDE - A plugin available for firefox. You can follow these steps:


Open IDE

Record the scripts in HTML

Save it as a test cases

Create a test suite 

Add all the test cases to it

Save the suite

Open the appropriate browser (Eg IE, FF etc)

Go to http://gmaps-api-issues.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/selenium/core/Test... or the location of Selenium core in your local machine.

Specify the Test suite path



That should take care of your issue... 


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Hi ,

You can try Sahi, it can also do browser compatibility testing.



hey lokesh,

buddy are you using SAHI, or do you have any idea abt SAHi, if yes can you plz help me on it... cause i am thinking of using it...




I tried implementing SAHI in my project, but due to some reason I was not able to implement SAHI into my project. I got all the info from SAHI's site (http://sahi.co.in/w/).There are lots of example and videos which will guide you to go for it.



Is there any guidelines or tutorial for the same ???
U can try totalvalidator.com
Selenium RC is the perfect tool for multiple browser tests.
Selenium is an excellent choice, but please be aware of one thing. Selenium does not do a good job of supporting https pages in IE or in Google Chrome without considerable troubleshooting and modification to the code. You will find many instances on the internet where people are experiencing extreme difficulty in getting Selenium tests to run in IE and Google Chrome, especially when security certificates are involved. Anyone that says this is a simple, out of the box solution, probably has no experience configuring a framework to use Selenium RC. They are probably using a framework that has already been built for them.
Thanks u all

I gone through Selenium RC and SAHI

i felt diffluent with working with Selenium RC, please can anyone send me any tutorial on Selenium RC

Selenium RC is out dated and Selenium Web Driver is the latest one for Web Application Testing.


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