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Hi All,

Please suggest a way to automate our application.

Our product has client server architecture, currently it supports 6 user.
Till now we have done manual testing with 6 users. We used to test functionality and performance in all the 6 client machines manually.


1. Number of user is increased to 20(It may increase in future). So it is difficult to do manual testing. More human and hardware resources needed.
2. Application is not having proper client server architecture. It supports thin clients. So it not possible to automate the client side with tools like QTP, RFT.
3. We need to check the functionality of the applicaiton, so i cannot test with virtual users.
4. It supports different OS flavours like Windows 7, XP, Vista, Mac OS, Ipad. Requirement is to test functionalty in all the OS flavours concurrently.

Mohan Kumar S

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Hi Mohan

You can try with Silk Test 2010 R2 WS2 version.If the functionality of your product is chaining frequently the you can use simple Record and play back.or else you can go for Keyword driven architecture.


Ganesh Kadam

Will it work on thin clients???

How to check the functionality with more number of users concurrently?

Is it a web application?
no. windows application
Ohhh it's windows application then  u can not use silk test.

hey ganesh, does Slik work with windows applications... can you help provide more details on slik, like.. the installation procedure and other details for SLIK. You can email me details on aniruddhamalvi@gmail.com




Opps... I am far away from windows applications. Hope others can help.

1. Use Selenium with test NG frame work, for functional testing

2. Use the Sauce on demand for browser compatibility testing with the same selenium scripts

3. Use Jmeter for performance testing and you can use selenium scripts and Jmeter together too.

This is not a web application, we cannot use any of #1, #2 or #3
Ok ..It was not clear in the description. May be AutoIt v3 can help ..


Thanks for the reply,

Please let me know if you need any clarifications.

Currently iam trying with testcomplete and eggplant tool.



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