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Please do let me know what should tester to in this situation?


Hi ,


Please do let me know if the situation comes like below scenario than what should tester do?

suppose the product/application has to deliver to client at 5.00PM,At that time you or your team member caught a high severity defect at 3PM.(Remember defect is high severity)But the the client is cannot wait for long time. You should deliver the product at 5.00Pm exactly. then what is the procedure you follow?


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Ruby Luthra

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As a Tester, your duty is to report the BUG anyway, whatever the situation is. Let your Project manager make the decision what to do.

Besides the above given answer, we can have another option.


Try to determine the priority of the bug based on its severity. If its high priority, ask your client to wait for some more time until it is fixed. If its low priority, mention it in known issues which will be fixed in next version of the application.

As per my knowledge, if the client wants the product to be delivered we will deliver them and will tell them about the bug severity.After this we will ensure the client that we are going to provide a patch for the bug as soon as possible and then provide the patch.
As a tester you are suppose to report the bug .But let handover the software to the client but be sure that client is aware  about the bug with the severity. Ask some time to  fix the bug and provide the patch of code.
In this sitution ,we should find out the most impacted areas which can be effected because of this bug and then with the help fo developers try to reduce the impact of this bug till deadline time.And if not possibe then dont release impacted module and release the left portion to the client but if client was asking for release that portion also then you should ask them for extra time :) 


I would do the following things as a QA,


0) Judge the priority and severity of the defect

1) Escalate the issue to higher management - Detailed issue report

2) Query the developers about the QUICK FIX

3) Suggest or seek a work around from developers

4) Update the release notes so that application can be shipped with a KNOWN issue

5) Seek time from client and promise FIX at the earliest

6) Accept the latency in identifying the defect - it's never too late to identify a defect

Latent defects are there always!




There are two way:

1. Take some more time form client.

2. If they are not ready to give u time then include that issue in known issue in release note.

Hi Ruby.

The rarest of the rare condition but situation is not complicated. as a tester  we will be doing our duty by reporting the bug strongly as the severity is high. but it doesn't mean that the development team will start fixing it. because we must not forget that the fixes can arise some more bugs to be appear. and in other hand the Customer wont compromise with the deadline. so in such a situation its always better to deliver the S/W with some known bugs instead of inserting some unknown bugs. then after delivery we will  deliver the patch to fix the defect in shortest possible time.. 


I hope I would have cleared your doubt up to some extent. 



Samrat Jha.

It really depends on how your project/application team is structured, but for the most part I agree with Jewel. As QA your main task is to find and report the issue to the team. By classifying the issue as 'high severity' you've already done some analysis of the impact/size of the issue and the likelihood someone else will find it during normal use. Your team should have processes in place to handle this kind of situation from the start of the project.

The bug is high severity only so we send the application to the client and find out the severity is priority or not. if its priority then we ask him to wait.

Here we found defects/bugs in the last minute of the delivery or release date

Then we have two options

1.explain the situation to client and ask some more time  to fix the bug.

2.If the client is not ready to give some some time then analyse the impact of defect/bug and try to find    workarounds for the defect and mention these issues   in the release notes as known issues or known   limitations or known bugs.  Here the workaround means remedy process to be followed  to overcome the  defect effect.

3.Normally this known issues or known limitations(defects) will be fixed in next version or next release of the  software 


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