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4. Capture and replay facilities are least likely to be used to ….
A. Performance testing
B. Recovery testing
C. GUI testing
D. User requirements.

Note: I guess correct answer should be . A. Performance Testing. Correct me if i am wrong and also please provide briefing. Thank you

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Hi Vishal,

The correct answer is not Performance testing, correct answer could be User Requirement testing... it at document level and recording and playback is not required/possible....

in performance testing we record and playback to find the performance of the application.....

reply if you have any issues.....

good question... r u preparing for ISTQB....?

Bye tc
Ok but recording and playback is to be done in the regression testing is't it. So i thought it may be applicable in the performance testing while doing the performance testing we recording and play back. And you are right that we record and playback to find the performance of the application...

Yeah i am appearing on this 28th June .But got puzzled in few sample questions.
Thank you very much for you instant reply... But i am still confuse because of the word "least" in the question.
the correct answer is D i.e. User Requirements.................

Dear All please read the question again .....see what it says....it says that "least likely to be used to"......first all the 3 options are the one where the record and play is useful.

Last D. is the only one where they cant be used or of least use.

Thank you Shirish...
A. Performance Testing
A. Performance testing
The answer should be GUI Testing. As if we use Capture and Replay facility we have to make changes every time if GUI change. And to verify each object's position colours in GUI will be most cumbersome. Maintenance require lot of efforts.
What is your opinion guys?

The correct answer is C. GUI Testing.

Remember, Record/Capture & Replay is never used for Performance Testing. Hence you can direct opt out this option.

But remember Vishal, this is ISTQB exam, here more then one option could be correct, and that case you need to go for Most Appropriate Options. According me, here the option A is completely invalid, hence I will not consider that. Now I need to select answer from B, C, D.

Now why "C" is correct, so its very logical that there are always frequently changes in GUI of an application. So Record & Playback is not that much recommended for GUI testing.

Please correct me if I am wrong or let me know if you need more discussion on this. Feel free to ask any doubts/questions related to Manual or Automation Testing.

Thanks & Regards,

Kapil Samadhiya
The correct answer is D-User requirements.
The first 3 options are directly related with the testing the application where as the option D is about what the user want.U can not apply capture and replay facility to user requirement.
User Requirements is the correct answer I guess.
Hi Vishal

The correct answer is C (GUI testing)

Capture and replay tools are used for test execution.

If u go by ISTQB , the correct answer is C.



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