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Hi Friends,


Does anyone have any idea about PhD in testing ? Can PhD in Software Testing be done ?

I am a web-based functiona tester. What are the scopes or types of research topics that can be considered ?


Kindly put in your views.


Looking forward to hear from you.

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Hi Divya,

Your question is very interesting... and the answer is YES.

Phd can be done on any area with a NEW SOLUTION. If you identified a problem and can come up with a solution you are good to be awarded Phd.

Testing is TOO TOO TOO wider topic so you can easily find a problem and can come up with solution. Don't expect some one to HELP you, after all it's Phd...

Yes you can. Testing is a wide topic in today's date. You will have to identify a more focussed area within it based on your interests and take it forward.
Hi Dr Meeta,

Have you done a PhD in testing ?
PHD in Software Testing. I've been a QA Engineer for 12 years, and have moved onto Performance Management Engineering (testing with tools). I still do the same job description but with more increased Test Coverage. I guess no-one is asking why you're seeking this level of QA?

BTW, there is a shortage of Manual Quality Assurance Engineers in the US. I do NOT knowst your location. But small firms are reaching out to college campuses for recruitment...

Let us knowst your intentions,
Performance Management Engineering
Dear Etheralking,

Thanks for replying. I am an Indian national and currently located in India. Right now I am concentrating on my job and want to gain more in-depth knowledge in this field. But I am considering to go for higher studies (PhD) in future may be after few years.



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