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The performance test tools I have seen usually deal with server side processing. Are there any open source tools for carrying out performance testing on web apps that concentrates more on user activity from the client side?


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I think Jmeter is also open source performance tool.

There are a few firefox addons you can use like and FireBug 'YSlow' - which analyzes the web pages and gives info  on why they're slow based on Yahoo!'s rules for high performance web sites.

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Thank you so much for this post and even i have an article to share and here is the link 



I think Apache J Meter and Load UI are also open source performance tool.

Apache J Meter

Apache J Meter is an open source load testing tool built on the Java Platform. This testing tool is developed to test load test functional behavior and performance testing. It supports testing on static and dynamic resources such as Servlets, Java Objects, Perl Scripts, FTP servers, Data Bases, etc. It requires JVM 1.4 or higher to perform. Although it was designed initially to test web applications, today its scope has widened to other test areas.

Load UI

Load UI is a very popular open source stress testing tool used for web application performance testing. It supports testing of numerous web protocols such as AMF, REST, JMS, JDBC and web sites. Many testers agree that LoadUI is one of the most interactive and user-friendly testing tools around. This tool is integrated with a functional testing tool soapUI, which adds to its effectiveness. During the testing phase it allows testers to create, configure and update their tests. LoadUI features a high graphic interface that makes testing easier.


According to quality assurance services, below are some tools which can help you to do performance testing:

Loadster is desktop based HTTP load testing tool. With the help of this tool you can use web browser to record  scripts. It also offers feature to edit the recorded scripts. You just need to change the value of some variables.
It also provided HTML reports for analysis of performance.

Load complete is very easy to use for performance testing. It enables us to create load tests for websites and web applications. This tool helps you to get detailed metrics and reports which help us analyze infrastructure performance,user experience etc.

Apache Jmeter is built using java. This is an open source performance testing tool. You can put load for any number of users and check performance of application. 


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