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Hi QualityTesting/Members,

I need some help to do load testing of Window Services. But i am not getting any open source to do. even not getting any help from google.


Transaction data coming from POT Device in ISO format and hit to window service and service send data to server. server give response through same window service.

is it possible through Jmeter??

Its very urgent plz help.

Thanks in Advance.


Diwakar Rai

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You record requests which your service sends and receives using JMeter's Superpower: The HTTP Proxy Server

  1. Start JMeter Proxy Server
  2. Configure your service to use JMeter's proxy by setting relevant values in registry under HKEY_USERS\%account running the service%\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Connections\DefaultConnectionSettings
  3. Wait till service sends some requests
  4. Revert changes from step 2
  5. Parametrize and run test with increased number of threads 

Can u please describe more step to execute including JMeter configuration.

In given link , its saying to record but its not possible to do.


TTWT Magazine





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