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Can anyone sugest a good open source tool for security/penetration testing?


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Though There are many penetration testing tools. But following 2 are very good tools for penetration testing.

1. Paros
2. Burp Suite
Hi chirag parikh ,
1. Paros , 2. Burp Suite both tool is useful in web application Testing ? its open source tool ?
Please send me download link and share your experience in web Testing security.
Both tools are useful for web applications.
Paros is open source. and Burp Suite has 'Basic editions' that is free. But it has almost all the features that one requires for pen testing.
To get the more information about Burp Suite, Visit the link : http://portswigger.net/suite/
To get the more information about Paros, Visit the link http://www.parosproxy.org/index.shtml
Above both tools are widely use in Industry for Security Testing.
in web application security testing, Follow the best accepted security Industry standards: OWASP and PCI DSS security.
Can you tell me how to work with paros tool. The doc which is provided by the paros is not sufficient (http://www.parosproxy.org/paros_user_guide.pdf). It has only functions. I don't understand how to start test and what to test

Thanks in advance....

Some more tools to add
1. W3AF (Web Application Attack and Audit Framework)
Automated penetration testing tool

2. Samurai (Web application penetration testing ready OS)

Hi Ankit,

Thanks for the info.

Could you please provide me the full details about these tools?

So that i can learn and start testing in it.

Or you can mail me on this mail id. amita_cuterkl@yahoo.co.in

Thanks in advance.


Hello buddy,

Well, Penetration testing services can be compared to real life conditions to know how it actually works. The ethical hackers of the penetration testing services providers try to hack your website to essentially check the security tests.

There are various penetration testing tools like:

Kali Linux

There are a number of penetration testing services providers that help your business to avoid all IT infrastructure evasions. It is better for your business to remain safe in prior than to face extreme monetary and status loss.



Well, the security test will be more accurate with the various testing tools such as... Arachni, Grabber, Iron Wasp, SQLMap, W3af...

You can pick one of the best tools for your project...

You can also refer to this: Security Testing Tools

As per practices of software testing solutions, following are some of the Tools which are widely used in Security Testing:

1. Zed Attack Proxy: Zed Attack Proxy is one of best and easy to use tool for penetration security testing for finding loopholes and vulnerabilities in web applications
Compatiblity: Windows, Linux, Mac OS

2. BeEF: BeEF is also a powerful tool that focuses on web browser for the security related issues.
Compatiblity: Linux, Apple Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows

3. Wireshark: Wireshark is used for network related issues and troubleshooting them.
Compatiblity: Unix, Linux, and Windows

4. Oedipus: Oedipus is used to test web sites for application and web server vulnerabilities.
Compatiblity: It is OS Independent

5. Nmap: Nmap is used for network mapping and port scanning to get the vulnerabilities in network.
Compatiblity: Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X

6. Nikto: Nikto is kind of Web Scanner which scans the Web servers for dangerous/outdated server software and other server related issues.
Compatiblity: Windows/UNIX


Hacker’s today are on the rage and more organizations are falling victim to them. We are hearing reports of data leaks and website hacks more frequently than ever before.

Even though security steps have been taken to prevent attacks, hackers are better equipped today.

They continue to invent new hacking mechanisms and tools. To protect your data, app and website, you need to stay ahead of the curve.

You need to be proactive and not reactive with your security. You need the best security testing tools to stay ahead.

Read more about Security testing tools


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