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PDF DOWNLOAD:How to Break Web Software: Functional and Security Testing of Web Applications and Web Service

Hi Folks,


I have seen lot of demand for this book @ QT. so uploading finally.

Attached the book in .chm & .pdf along with this post.



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same problem for me



check with this link to open chm files

Many Thanks !!!!!
Thanks for sharing Abu...

Folks attached the .pdf format, please download.

Hi Abu Bakr Siddiq, did u read this book? if 'yes' can u share your views with us? just now i have seen the index page i feel that all the topics are strange and new to me. If you already read it please share your words about this book. How it is soo useful to tester to gain knowledge. What are the key topics in this book? such type of information. Please Abu.




I haven't read the book completely, but I feel...


The book scratches Security Testing which can be used as part of Funtional testing. Is a good book for starters into Web Security Testing. Most of the topics are from Operating systems so, they shall be familiar to every techie.


There are few areas which are both functional and secure factors, this book addresses them!!!




Thank u soo much Abu for sharing your opinion reg this book, These words gives some more interest & enthusiasm to read this book.

The link is still working.


thanks Siddiq... :)

Thanks a lot for sharing, brother!


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