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Hi folks,


Can anyone tel me the scenarios for the below question.


There is a search box and a button. Scenario can be a basic Train search to get the details of that particular train. I just want to crash the page or the page should get hanged so that no further testing is possible.



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Search box accepts special char too. So this will not crash the page.

Have u said entering <blank> spaces and checking the search criteria?


provide the blank space and then enter the "$" ..... the page gets broken?

Hi Ramesh,


Its quite difficult to break the system,until you know the application very well.

Other way i can say, assume that application is designed to handle 2 users, then you can try with 4 different concurrent user to search the train name, that time your application might hang and in some cash crash.



Trying more concurrent users than the designed no. of users will hang or crash that particular screen. Riyazul Abbas answer will also work out.
Thanks for your answer. I think this will work out.


 According to Ramesh  application has been validated properly . so if that is the case then its not possible to write a known scenario to crash the application ...   a database connectivity problem may be a reason but Intentionally we wont go for that............  so a rarest of the rare question ... but in my personal view its a negative question which must be taken positively ............................    

Hi, what u said is right. The application is validated. but the interviewer asks me you have to break the webpage by some means or so. I said 2 to 3 scenarios but he is not convinced.



Try these following things:

1)Give the junk input and submit.



2)Edit the cookie if it had any and observe the behaviour of the application(Optional)

3)At peak times search for metro trains(may be)

4)QTP>>change response time...

5)Change response times and concurrent users

These may help...I am not sure

Plz correct my mistakes...

Thanks & Regards,



Is this a fresher interview Question or for Exp???


Use unacceptable characters (that the search field doesnt accept) as your parameters and that is sure to hang your page. If you have good error handling mechanisms built in the code, then you will get an error thrown at you, otherwise the page will probably freeze or not go anywhere...


 Simply enter a couple of lines of  html code and press enter key   2) enter single quote ( ' ) and press enter ...  these may help ..


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