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Hi folks,


Can anyone tel me the scenarios for the below question.


There is a search box and a button. Scenario can be a basic Train search to get the details of that particular train. I just want to crash the page or the page should get hanged so that no further testing is possible.



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Make the database server down and try this scenario then you page is crashed

Thanks for your answer.


I told the same answer but the interviewer didn't accept my answer.

ok If it is .NET application and sql server DB if the developer have not given validation for datafield type the we can try with different comibination of datatype and with character lenght in the input field ,

Then there is possibility of getting Server error.

I guess,Try to search with out entering data in search box..to get the page crash


Validation for search box is done. So even when no text is provided in search box, page wont crash.

Hey Ram,


I feel that if we enter <HTML> tags and click on Search.. there is a possibility of the page being crashed.. but i am not sure about this....




Hi Deva, I even told this but the interviewer is not convinced.

Simple answer.


Just search with the single quote. Page will be crashed.

Actually search box accepts special characters too. So I think giving single quote will not be the scenario for page crashing.

You can give an value which is common eg: Mumbai ( which  has bigger search result then the server can handle).Or just type Mumbai* ( similar result i.e. page should get hanged after giving value & clicking on search)

HI, we give only train names in search box. If we give Mumbai as a text, the search result will be 'No Records Found'.

Try all special character list as search criteria Ex: ~!@#$%^&*()_+..... use all spl chars at once and click search

Page should hang or browser should crash


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