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Can any body explain me Orthogonal Array Testing Strategy (OATS) in Simple words?

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Can any body explain me Orthogonal Array Testing Strategy (OATS) in Simple words?



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Thank you so much Animesh
Thanks a lot Ranjeet

I am hearing about OATS now only. May I know where to use this, in White box testing or in Blackbox testing?


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A method of choosing a set of tests from a universe of test cases to make the testing more efficient and effective.

The Orthogonal Array Testing Strategy (OATS) is a systematic, statistical way of testing pair-wise interactions and can detect all single mode and double mode defects.

OATS provides a means to select a test set that:

Guarantees testing the pair-wise combinations of all the selected variables.
Creates an efficient and concise test set with many fewer test cases than testing all combinations of all variables.
Is simpler to generate and less error prone than test sets created by hand.


Thanks Priya

Thanks Priya for the valuable Info...





        Orthogonal Array Testing

 >Black box technique that enables the design of a reasonably small set of test cases that provide maximum test coverage.

 >Focus is on categories of faulty logic likely to be ppresent in the software component(without examining code)

 >Priorities for assessing tests using an orthogonal array

1]Detect and isolate all single mode faults

2]Detect all double mode faults

3] Multi mode faults


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