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Is there any open source performance or stress testing available for web applications???

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Hi Snehasish,


You can use Jmeter. Below is the download link of jmeter-




Thanks Saurabh for reply......


I dont have idea about Jmeter...... Does it require any programming knowledge??? If required at what level???

And again what are the requirements for setup???

Hi Saurabh,

Thanks for the information. I am unable to open this link. It is saying that Forbidden and you don't have permission to open this....

Could you please help me on this??

Thanks in advance.


Hello buddy,

Top 8 Open Source Performance Testing Tools for Load & Stress Testing

  1. JMeter.
    Fiddler with BlackWidow and Watcher.
    Bees with Machine Guns.


Software Performance Testing

As per practices of software testing services, following are some of the open source tools which are widely used for Performance or Stress testing:

1. Jmeter: Apache Jmeter is a licensed free tool which includes analysis of both dynamic and static elements in a network. Its main advantage is that it supports all the Java based applications.

2. Pylot: This is a very helpful tool for testing and analyzing performance of web services. It runs HTTP load tests, which are useful for analyzing and system tuning. It generates HTTP requests and produces reports as per server responses received.

3. WebLoad: WebLoad is a performance/stress testing tool which can be used for analyzing performance of web applications on both web and mobile platforms.It can simulate thousands of users together by making it possible to test huge amount of load on the application.

4. Grinder: Grinder is open source performance testing tool which supports Jython, HTTPClient, JEdit Syntax, Apache XMLBeans, Clojure, Standards etc. It automatically manages client connections and cookies and comes with a plug-in for testing HTTP services, HTTP scripts which can be recorded easily from a browser session.

5. Gatling: Gatling is a Scala based stress testing tool which can be used to analyse and measure the performance of a variety of services.It uses messages for virtual user simulation rather than a thread per virtual user because of which it consumes comparatively less system resources to run load tests.



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