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Hello everyone.....

Sorry if my question is repetitive or very basic....

I just need to know What exactly are these open source tools?

Is there any specific set of tools that comes under these categories.... ?

How can we learn (any one or if there are group of them) these tools... ?

If any one knows please reply

Bye tc

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Open source is an approach to the design, development, and distribution of software, offering practical accessibility to a software's source code. Some consider open source as one of various possible design approaches, while others consider it a critical strategic element of their operations. Before open source became widely adopted, developers and producers used a variety of phrases to describe the concept; the term open source gained popularity with the rise of the Internet, which provided access to diverse production models, communication paths, and interactive communities.

Software development costs in organizations have been touted as being approximately 15% of total costs. This indicates that the value of one over another development methodology is more of a marketing decision (which customers and pricing models) as much as it is about the design of software.

The open source model of operation and decision making allows concurrent input of different agendas, approaches and priorities, and differs from the more closed, centralized models of development. The principles and practices are commonly applied to the peer production development of source code for software that is made available for public collaboration. The result of this peer-based collaboration is usually released as open-source software, however open source methods are increasingly being applied in other fields of endeavor, such as biotechnology.

Hope this link will help you.


Simply saying, you dont have to pay anything to use these tools for your development/ testing.
Licence is FREE.

Secondary thing is if you are a developer and interested in developing/ supporting the existed tool then you can download the source code of the specified tool and develop additional functionalities and upload. Which may be available from there to rest of the world if that is a valid one.

Thanks& Regards,
Niranjan Rathnam G.


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