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If you have 100 test case and u execute 40 test cases per day, if there is an delevery tommoroow then what will be your approach??


Which test cases you will execute first and why???


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In general test cases will also have priority and while creation of test cases we will classify them as P1,P2....with P1 being of high priority.

In such cases we will give sign off with P1 and P2 cases exexcution and if you still feel that even P1 and P2 cases also cannot be executed will suggest postpone of release.
Yes, Agree with Chandra.
This P1, P2, ... will be decided on risk areas.
We need to identify the core and high risk area of the module, application and on that basis we will prioritize the test cases.
Hi Ajay,

As per the above scenario you have to execute those test case first which covers/check the major part(major functionality) of the application, and if you have more time then execute rest of the test cases.
1)We should be selected the test cases such a way that ., Customer Business should not be affected.Such test cases will be executed first and If all test cases pass then we can release it to customer - UAT testing.It will not depend on count of test cases.
T.case which has high priority will be exexuted 1st
m i right frds ?
Test cases which can cause functioning of the system to halt (Show Stopper) should get tested first, i.e the cases which are of urgent priorities.
All smoke and core positive TC's should be executed first.
Hi ajay,

I agree with chandra,but if the tester has good knowledge about the application and working for a quite good time he can prioritize which are needed to be tested at this particular time.

as u also specified about delivery which means the particular module is tested before then QA can prioritize WRT past experience and the loop holes where the module is bug prone.

i 100% agree with chandra but in my company we never classify test cases like priorities except UI and functionality test cases.
Test cases which would cover the basic Functionality will be given more priority , and rest will be execute later , if enough period of time is available
hmmm it does not only mean to priorities the test cases.
You can ask for an additional resource for time being from the same project pool. to whom a little training can work.


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