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One of my Interview Question. Please any one Explain

If any document like BRS, BRS not available then how will you test the application

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Hi Ajitha,

When BRS is not available you can go with  Exploratory Testing , You will test the software without any specific plans and schedules. This is formal testing process where you don’t have any test cases or test planning documents to test the application. Identify the functionality of application by exploring the application and exploring & learning the application testers design the test cases & simultaneously execute them as well.

Hope this clarifies your doubt.


Ankit Mehta


hi Ankit

Thanks for your clarification

Hi Ajitha....

There are companies where development and testing done without having BRS and SRS, it doesnt mean that they are
stop developing the application?
Whenever we are not having any kind of documentation from our side these are the points that can be useful to test.

1.  Exploratory Testing could be solution for this. 

2. Analyse the application well and understand what the
application is trying to do.

3. Write down your understanding level in a word doc. like what the application does, what each and every module is handling and what are the tabs it has and its usage (
everything which you can write it). 

4. Inform the other team members to follow the same strategy and collect all the documents. 

5. Send this documentation to your superior( test manager, project manger) and give them to confirm it with clients for
which the application is done or doing,Is this the application should be and ask for confirmation before you
more forward.

6. Take the confirmation documentation from there and then as usual generate design doc, test cases and rest of the
other activities which normal test engineer does.

Thanks & Regards,

Sreekanth Chowdary Bhimana,
Software Test Engineer (ISTQB Tester)
Facebook Link : sreekanth chowdary bhimana

  • You can ask for time to understand the application first and then plan your test.
  • You can go with Exploratory, Adhoc, Monkey & Experienced based testing.
  • You can talk - with Designers, Developers, Analysts and any other team in place and learn about the SUT. Good communication is the best way to get the job done.
  • If BRS(Business  Requirement Specification) document is not available means, First you understand the flow and functionality of the application.
  • In this situation you participate in meeting and collect all requirements from QA lead or Project Manager or from devoloper and understand each and every requirement.
  • If u get any doubts on requirements you can discuss with you QA Lead or project manager.
  • Test the application with your requirements as early you discussed about the application. For testing the application requirement of the application plays a major role. 


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