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I have 'Eclipse for PHP Developers' installed on my machine.

I tried to add Junit in eclipse by adding the .jar file project libraries as well as i have added it in the class path.

Still I am not getting the junit option in 'Run As'.

Can anybody tell me what is the solution for this?

Thanks in advance.

-S Sarita.

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Junit is used for testing java based application. For php you have to use phpunit or some other framework.

If I add phpUnit and run the same test case in eclipse, will it work?

Because I am writing the java code in the eclipse, so will phpUnit work ?

Oh ok , You mentioned "I have 'Eclipse for PHP Developers' installed on my machine."

I thought you are using php. for Java Junit should work

I think you are missing JDT


You can try eclipse jEE IDE if you are writing java code.

Thanks a lot Sandeep for your quick help.


Test annotation (@Test) part should be present in ur codding..

so after adding this annotation,,try to run

I have already added the annotations in test script.


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