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What is Non-functional Testing?

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Testing technique which focuses on testing of a software application for its non-functional requirements. Can be conducted by the performance engineers or by manual testing teams.

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For instance,how many people can log in at once? This question is amongst the frequent ones that are concerns for the operators. These all are typically malfunctioning requirements and non-functional testing is one process of analyzing a software application for its out of order requirements.

This particular process incorporates a lot of verification and analysis segments and it is too performed at all levels similar to functional testing.The steps that are involved in the practice are the tests that check the reliability, usability, efficiency, maintainability, portability, baseline, compliance, documentation, endurance, load, performance, compatibility, security, volume, stress, recovery, internationalization and localization.

Through all this mentioned divisions,non-functional testing tests the characteristics of the software like how quick the retort is, or what time does the software takes to perform any operation. It demonstrates how well the product behaves as divergent to merely what the product ensures.

Non-Functional Testing- Testing the application based on the clients and performance requirement.

Non-Functional testing covers:
Load and Performance Testing
· Ergonomics Testing
· Stress & Volume Testing
· Compatibility & Migration Testing
· Data Conversion Testing
· Security / Penetration Testing
· Operational Readiness Testing
· Installation Testing
· Security Testing (Application Security, Network Security)

Here is an answer to your query. Please check this link -http://bit.ly/1LGjbdw

The non functional Testing is the kind of testing done against the non functional needs. The vast majority of the criteria are not considered in functional testing so it is utilized to check the availability of a system. Requirements which are non functional have a tendency to be those that mirror the nature of the product, especially with regards to the reasonableness perspectives of its clients. It can be begun after Functional Testing is done. The non functional tests can be compelling by utilizing testing tools.

Non functional testingaffects client and client satisfaction with the product. Non functional testing is expected to be told in a testable manner “the software should be fast” or “the software ought to be easy to operate” which is not testable.

Here is some testing that should be considered in the non functional testing types:

  • Load testing

  • Reliability testing

  • Performance testing

  • Security testing

  • Volume testing

  • Installation testing


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