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I've had this term appear on a few resumes recently, but it's not a term I'm familiar with. Google isn't really helping me, so i expect you guys let me know what exactly it is.

What is "next-box testing"?

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What? You don't know Next box testing? I think if you had read about Selphar box of techniques for testers , you wouldn't have asked about Next box testing technique.
Hi buddy,
I don't know about the Next Box testing, and i have not gone through the Selphar box techniques also, if u r aware of those, just give me the answer.
Cool. Time to update you that none of those terms that I used and you used exists or is meaningful. I just made it up.

The lesson is: Don't get fooled by terms people make on the fly, instead, focus on your skills as a tester and learn to ask a question, "What do you mean by that?"

I see terms like "Guerrilla testing" and "Smart monkey testing" mostly being asked in interviews by dumb testers who are usually successful in intimidating the candidates to believe such things exist.

Those candidates who couldn't give convincing answers to such question, try looking for answers after the interview and start ask questions in all forums they can get their hands on. Of course, we humans don't say "I don't know" (just like me) and hence try to give any answer we think might make sense.

The candidates believe the answers provided by someone who appear to be experienced is true. When those candidates turn out to be interviewers they are tempted to ask the same question, "What is guerrilla testing?" to new generation of candidates.

That solves the puzzle for where these great terminologies come from.

-Pradeep Soundararajan
Why are you endorsing My Pradeep?
Why are you trying to copy some one?

Stop following and start walking.
@ Abu, if I am copying someone and endorsing,

then whose problem is this..??
Getting inspired/motivated is something different.

Stop following and start walking.
Hi deepak,
Thanks for the reply, before posting the question i have gone through the site which u sent to me, but i'm epecting some thing in a clear way. if u r aware of it please let me know.
I did not copied that link for reference, just wanted to know 2 persons got the same doubt and the question was also same
ok cool....


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