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I had come to an interview and the interviewer asked me that suppose you are downloading a file then what can be the all negative test cases for this.

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While downloading a file negative test cases are.


1. Drive where you are downloading sufficient space is not available.

2. File name already present.

3. Suppose you are downloading a doc file and your system doesn't have MS Office?


The 3 negative testcases seems to be good to me :) 

Downloading a file which doesn't have a suitable program (installed in the system) to open cannot be a -ve test case.


The negative testcase might be

when you click " No " button in the file download dialog make sure that the file should not get downloaded.



This is not a negative testcase. Clicking on "No" button on the download dialog box will not download the file. This is the functionality of application. So this cannot be considered as a negative test case.


 @ Vishal Gupta,

               Indeed it is a Negative test case...    

Amit has replied well.. earlier he was missing some of the points but finally he has updated ...

Note : Negative test cases are written to ensure that the software doesn't do what it is not supposed to do...

we had come across a scenario in our application where if we click Yes/No button in the download, the file is getting downloaded which should not happen

1.Check with un supported files (eg:only jpg and png can be supported ....U check with bmp,gif etc).

2.Check with the download limit(eg:only 500mb  be ur downloading limit ..check with 1000mb files).

3.If u click on NO button the file should not get downloaded.

4.While downloading system will ask for location..check with the location where u choose.

5.Cut the internet connection and see what happens then reconnect and see if it can be resumed from the middle.

6.Close the browser when downloading and reopen the browser and see what happens to the download.

Like this u can have many diverse condition..


ya. this r the negative test cases. correct.

Negative test cases are designed to test the software in ways it was not intended to be used.


4.try to download and close the download model then verify it from that particular location on system

5. Both downloading and existing file having different version then what is response given by the application , meanwhile check the compatibility of file

6.Disconnect the Internet connection while downloading is running.

7. try to click on download button multiple time .




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