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Needed test cases for "Sending SMS and Mail" features in mobile


I am testing mobile web application.  It has the "Send SMS and Mail also Make a call" fetures. I need to write the test cases for it.  Please tell me what are the steps needs to be covered when writing the test cases for those features.



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Hi.. duddy..


Pls forward, SMS and mail functionality....... test cases to me also.. i dont have proper guidance in my company.. pls forward to me also..


My id ravicseau@gmail.com


hey please also mail me on sagar198@gmail.com

please also mail me on Thanks In Advance mail id:


send me on my id plz all the test cases formate for mobileand web app

my id is sumesara.mayur9@ gmail.com

Can you please send me the test cases for SMS ,mail, Facebook,Twitter on my email ID lovable217@gmail.com .ASAP

Hi Vadivelan,

Could you send me the test case for Send SMS and email functionality. and if you have material (test cases..) related on mobile map, Anroid. Please send to me.

My email : info.kanagaraj@gmail.com,kanagaraj.ccsi@gmail.com

Hi Vadivelan

Can u Pls forward, SMS and mail functionality to me.




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