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1)  EXERCISE: Following needs to be automated using QTP/Selenium.
Go to www.Amazon.com

Search for books for java script (in the search option select books) type in Java Script and click on Go

Sort the available books by price in descending order

Pick the top five showing the "Buy new" price. Please ignore that the books not having "Buy new" price.

Confirm that the order is indeed in descending order

2)   Can anyone guide me to handle the below requirement.


In email registration page


After entering required login id and selecting mail type (yahoo.com, in.com etc.......) ,we will go for checking the availability of that required login id .by clicking ckeck button .


now the requirement is

1)if the login id already exisists ,the page displays " this user id is not available " plz select one of the user ids available . how to write script for this .


2) while filling the registration form , if we forget any mandatory field , automatically the digital code changes to new code .how to handle this with vb script.


help me with this requirements .

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