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Am Arjun from bangalore..I have done course on software testing and don't have real time experience(projects) on testing.

Can anybody help me by sending sample detail projects or help me in teaching how the testing process goes in the company...

You can send ur projects to my ID - mailtoarjun1985@yahoo.co.in

Waiting for ur reply...

Thank u..

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What do you mean by "You can send ur projects to my ID"???
means...if u have any sample projects...u can send it to my email id...
Hey Arjun,

Visit http://freshmeat.net/

This site contains Lots of Beta testing software with various domain. You will find detailed document for each project and in real time you can log bugs and verify them in upcoming builds.

Ankit M
Sr. QA Engineer
Infostretch Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Thanks for the info,

http://sourceforge.net/org is also similar portal.
thank u guys...


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