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 Hi Friends

I am completely in manual testing.For only manual testing there is no future.so i want to improve my

skills by learning new technologies which are testing realted. which courses are better to learn and get

many calls in market.im planning to learn SOA testing,selenium,BI r ETL testing. Among these which is better to learn pls helpme by giving ur valueble suggestion





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What you learn is not important, what you can work on is important!

Thanks for ur reply siddiq ,what u can work is also important, to know that we are not aware of all the courses and concepts,people who are working on particular technologies will know what is what

For ex : Etl means it is realted to database r  programming r any reporting tool . i know soa testing is having more demand in market but i dont know it need any programming knowledge r only tool knowledge pls suggest if u have any idea about 

I suggest to go with Selenium(if u r little good in java). As siddiq said u should be able to work even when learned.. so all the best

Thanks for ur reply vamshi. u are posting the job requirements it will be helpful for people who are in job searching. 

Better you learn any automation tool like QTP or Selenium. It would be helpful for your bright future.


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