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Need Testing Check List before accepting any module or release for Testing from Devloper

Hi All,


What are the check list we need to take care before accepting any build or release from the Developer for Starting Testing activities.

Like is this build may affect any other product hosted on same server..etc.


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The following can be part of your check list:

1. Is the unit test done and report produced?
2. Is the integration test done and report produced?
3. Are the open defects posted on centralized defects tracking database?
4. Are there any defects fixed in this release?
5. Is the version number updated?
6. Is the technical notes provided?
7. What are effected functionality of complete product/application due to changes made in the release?
8. Is the latest source code reviewed and updated on configuration management tool?

Like this you may check as many as possible before accepting the any module or release for testing.

For more details about testing: www.mysdlc.webs.com/testing.htm
Thanks A Lot, G.N. This will realy helpful information for me. actaully I have to produce some details list.
Hi Rajesh here iam attaching the Usefull test cases for Usability testing on any application, you can use this as a check list
Hi vanitha
Thanks for your appreciation.. please do share if any testing related check lists you have..

Best regards
Sri Balaji
Thanks for sharing this information with all. keep it up.
Mate !!! you need this information just to understand how check list are prepared or you want to use it in your project. If you planning to use it in your project then I have few questions.... so waiting for your reply ...

When build is released to tester/test resource, tester will do sanity test to accept the build.

In Sanity, he test main functionalities (high level testing) to ensure, everything is working as expected.
then tester will reply to Dev mail, saying sanity test pass.


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