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Hello friends,


        I am Jyotsna.Can anybody send me SRS document and test cases based on it ?

Thanks in advance !









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Why would some one share confidentail and propritary documents ????


If you have any questions you can ask but not documents. 




Yes , I do understand but I just need guidance for writing effective test cases.If you could send me any url for that purpose it would be really helpful.


1)no duplicate test cases

2)no missing functionalities

3)no invalid test cases

4)expected result should be clear

5)should have clear navigation steps

6)test data should be specified (if required)

pre conditions should be specified (if required)

Madhurima, dont mind..were u guiding about the Test Cases???




3) No Invalid test cases...   what do you mean by this....??     as far as I know..  According to an Study done by IBM , 90 % of the test cases should be Invalid test cases... ! 


I would appreciate your Clarification..



Samrat Jha

if the failed test case is causing 50% test cases blocked,how do u handle another test cases?

can u plz send me answer then i vl tell about invalid test cases?


two different questions .. okay no issues.........

 If failed test cases are causing 50% test cases blocked , then I shall not continue my testing and rather I would wait for the CM team to get us available an Stable build which is in sane enough condition to be tested... 


oh my God..   is there really any relation .....???     

SRS documents are requirement documents and testers refer to that document to understand the system requirements before writing test cases. There is no trivial solution or a standard template to generating test cases from a SRS document. You need to review the entire document, understand the requirements and how they tie to the overall solution before writing test cases. 


There are a lot of websites that give you pointers on writing effective test cases. 

1.Depends up on the functionality,

negative test cases may more it is yes.otherwise if negative test cases is less it is no

E: if the application is banking domain, negative test cases will be more because it is more secure.

2.if the failed test case is causing another 50% test cases block.

we will change the status of test case to block and we will mention the bug no.in the actual result column of test case.

3.if the requirements r changing frequently in the project.how do u handle the tasks with out impact ur schedules

if the change request having sufficient time that can be allocated from the buffer time,we will approve the change request
and it can be accommodate in the same release otherwise either we r going to charge the customer additionally are will be implemented
as enhancement request

4.(we will maintain 15% buffer time to accommodate a charge request that vl come after the FS is baseline)

diff company people vl follow different type of rules,
can u tell me smoke and sanity testing testing is diff or same? then i vl tell about system testing briefly


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