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How to create test plan for uploading an image in jmeter.?

Hi All,

If anyone use jmeter then plz help me out from this.

How to create test plan for uploading an image in jmeter.

Thanks in advance

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 Who told you to prepare a Test plan for upload an Image ..????   See Test Plan is never prepared for any Particular Functionality ...  It is Prepared for the Complete System ( Master Test Plan ) or It is Prepared for the Testing Levels ( Detailed Test Plan ) thats It ..


Samrat Jha.

Sorry, question was wrong.....

actually, i wanted to ask that how to scenario to upload an image in jmeter

S he is right, test plan is not created for any particular scenario.

You can use HTTP Proxy Server (which is a non-test element feature of JMeter) which enables user to record scripts from a real browser.  So you can record your image upload script from there.  here is link to full article. http://girliemangalo.wordpress.com/2009/03/18/jmeter-101-using-http...


Can you please let me know that by using http proxy server, can image will be saved or not?


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