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Need Ideas/Suggestions on conducting trainings on various areas of Testing.

Hi all,


We are a team of 5 testers. Have recently managed to get a weekly slot to get some trainings conducted that is related to various issues or concepts on Testing. We all are 2+ years experience and mainly conduct manual testing on applications developed on .Net.

The trainings are conducted among ourselves. We started with various concepts & terminologies of Testing, managed to carry it on for around 2 months. But now it seems that we are short of ideas on what topics to prepare & conduct trainings.

And thats the main reason I am adding a discussion here as I would like to get some ideas from you all as in what & how can we conduct our trainings.

Ideas could be both in theory & pratical(Or something that one can actually apply @ work)

So need suggestions on

1. What are the topics that we can focus on. Like should we start on some concepts on Automation or a specific tool.

2. Are there any specific areas on which training can be done. Maybe some one at his/her workplace has done it successfully.


Please come up with some ideas, I am sure that there are many of you all who are trainers or have conducted similar workshops or trainings before.

So do reply. And would really like to hear from some one who has 'been there & done that'.





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hope that I get some response this time.



The beauty of testing is "Any kind of appliction can be tested".

I would suggests you and team to exchange ideas on too many things from technical to proces, process to people, testing to software engineer and implement them and come-up with reports.


eg: I want to know and understand what a suseptability matrix is. I would discuss with team, implement it and finally draft and get it added or add it to Testing repository. If your organization comes up with this, you shall be rewarded.


This whole process is called Test Patterns, do you know about test patterns? here is a topic for discussion. I initiated this process @ QT but failed to continue due to lack of support.

Hai Abbu, I don't know it and thanks for info...y dont u start it again. I think its useful if some one like me does not know it


1.Discuss the latest trends in testing.

2.Discuss agile methodology as it growing widely in day to day testing.

3.Discover, How can we save time by doing manual testing without using automation tools.

4.Latest interview questions......finally these are the ideas i have .



hari krisha peddi. 

thanks Abu  & Hari.

Anyone has more to contribute ?


if you want to explore new things in the are of Software Testing I would like to suggest to you some top list of New Trends in Software Testing;

  • Hyper Automation
  • DevTestOps
  • IoT
  • Multi-Experience Testing
  • Automation using Artificial Intelligence(AI)
  • AI Security Defence

To explore this topic, You can visit Here: Latest Test Automation Trends 2020


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