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Hello Friends,
I m manual tester having 2+ experience & current company policy is,if you want to resign you have to give 3 months notice period. I got a call from very know & famouse company & they ask me to join within 10 days but i could not as i have not resign yet.But i dont want to miss this opportunity also as well i dont want to cheat my current company.I m very confused what to do... Please help me...

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HI preet,

its about U .. how are u manage yours HR team for getting new company offer ... show him new company offer latter and convince him to please releave as soon as possible ..... or ask management to do needful for releave..


Ask new company to i will join with in 3 month if yours old company is not ready to releave you.... some very else u have to find out Ur solution uself ......

--Mahesh Dhule
The best way to handle this situation is:

1. Make sure that the offer you've received from the other company is good company to work with. I mean it should not be the case after joining the new company, you realize that your old company was indeed GOOD!
2. The person to approach in this situation is someone from Management and HR.
(a) Have one-to-one talk with them and explain them how important this offer for YOU.
(b) If you're involved in current project then make sure that you finish the task ASAP.
3. Try to ask for some more extension from the company from which you received an OFFER.
(a) If this fails and if they're not ready for any extension then try to explain them about the policy of 3 months in your current organization. This has two effects: If you're truly a good resource, which the new company don't want to miss out then they'd give an option of paying for your NP.
(b) If they don't do this then just try to get as much extension as possible.
4. Lastly, just have words with Management and HR people. The best person however to talk in this situation is your TM (if any) who appreciates your work. Try to convince him/her - to talk for you with Management or HR.

NOTE: Try to avoid PAY for your NP until the situation demands.

Best Regards,


testing is my passion!!!
Thank youn All for your help..
No, i missed that opportunity..
I tried all the possibilities but not worked...
Hope will find new opportunities...
I like your attitude. Believe in yourself. =)

Don't worry you'll get an offer for sure!

Best of luck by then.

Best Regards,


testing is my passion!!!
Hi Preet Shah

just check with u r offer. Whether they have mention like compulsory u have to serve in notice period or their will be like u can pay them u r salary and get relief immediatley.

Hi Preet,

Best Case : Graceful exit and entry by abiding to all the rules and regulations of current and new employer.

Average Case : Try to convince either parties
Current - Salary pay or higher reference in the company
New - Buy Out option
Worst Case : Speak to your New employer if they are ready to induct you without any documents like offer letter/reliving letter( you may provide bank statement or pay slips or offer or appointment letter as proof).

*** The amount of Risk more w.r.t Worst Case and negligible with Best.

Think about ... all is not over...best is yet to come...



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