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I was able to execute few program in selenium RC one at a time.Is there a way to execute multiple program at a time (like batch program) and how to store the result into some other document like word or excel or any other document currently it is showing in the command prompt.




C.Shree lakshmi.

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For achieving this 
1) You would need a Unit testing framework like JUnit/TestNG if you are coding in Java and NUnit if .NET

2) You can now add the individual programs as test cases to the respective frameworks 

3) Execute the test cases

All these tools produce the results in HTML format which can be imported into word/excel.


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ok thanks for your reply. I will try


use Selenium Grid

U can also use Eclipse with selenium RC.



How to do it if i am using PERL

Also here i am planning to user JAVA also

How complex is it when compared to PERL

If your requirement is to make parallel execution go with selenium grid.If it is only to run multiple tests you have once use junit (eome thing like that)

Are you able to parallel execute the tests.Iam using junit +selenium rc + grid but test not running parallel y.Is using ant along with above the only option.


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