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   I need help in the recovery scenario in QTP. I have recorded one scenario of flight reservation. In which i have given wrong agent name in the third iteration & called the recovery scenario. Script is below..

SystemUtil.Run "C:\Program Files\HP\QuickTest Professional\samples\flight\app\flight4a.exe","","C:\Program Files\HP\QuickTest Professional\samples\flight\app",""
Dialog("Login").WinEdit("Agent Name:").Set DataTable("Agent", dtGlobalSheet)
Dialog("Login").WinEdit("Agent Name:").Type  micTab
Dialog("Login").WinEdit("Password:").SetSecure "4d1886745c3e2ded86b9cb334b2879decc502e06"
Dialog("Login").WinEdit("Password:").Type  micReturn
Window("Flight Reservation").WinMenu("Menu").Select "File;Exit"

Please help me to check recovery scenario.

Thanks in Advance


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R S is a wizard driven  process available in QTP, in order to handel the EXCEPTIONS.

Exceptions can be of various types,

1.)Exception related to Object not found by the scripts

2.)Exception related to Test run.

3.)Exception related to application crash.

4.)Exception  related to pop-up.

so what RS will do is, in case of any such exception ,it will over look it and continue the test.

There are various steps to cofigure such exceptions.

This is Exception  related to pop-up. I have attached script. Please suggest.


Thanks in Advanced,




 You have used tab and enter button in login page, its always good to use mouse functions in qtp so that you can add checkpoints or exceptions before submitting the click function. try the script once again by using mouse functions



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