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Hi all,

I am Trying to connect the application via testcomplete using

call testedapps.myprocessname.Run(-1,True)

later call other windows using this process name

except for the second instance it is "processname1" and only for the second instance it is "process name"


third time it is "processname" . therefore there's a conflict always with processname and processname1 how can i generalise this?


so all  the dependent statements are not working can anyone help me with this?




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Hi Priya,


As i understood, i can say that go in NameMapping and change the name to processname/processname1 to processname*. this will work as wild card, just check it and let me know is it working or not.



Hey ,

Thanks u so much for responding but it's not working fine .please find the attached error message u may get some idea. this is after i tried what u said


I think you have done some wrong steps. Could you provide me the "NameMapping.tcNM" file and and snapshot of NameMapping UI interface with highlighting the object for which we need to change the property.


As per ur screenshot, u were trying to add/rename the object property with * value, with the help of Update Name Mapping.... if u were doing so than, that is wrong flow...


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