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name 3 types of testing u do before production release

name 3 types of testing u do before production release

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Functional testing, GUI Testing, Validation




Pre-production/UAT as well.



Search about V-model, and you'll most likely find out from that. Don't go easy way. Dig things by yourself, try to solve that kind of questions by yourself. It makes you better tester in future. It helps you to get better job later. It might be frustrating, but you can find also plenty of other even more valuable information.

System Testing, Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing

Adhoc Test

GUI test

System Integration test


2.Regression testing

3.Intergration testing


thanks for the advice..

Hi All, 

Thanks for the quick reply.

I have answered like.


End to End regression testing 


but interviewer was not happy with this answer. 


If you had followed my advice, you had found the correct answers. Here's plenty of bad answers. Acctually currently here's only one correct answer mentioned above. So next time: Don't ask, but try to find the answer yourself. Or ask hint instead of "real answer" bacause the "real answer" might be wrong. ISTBQ is underlining V-model and that's why I suppose the interviewer wanted the answer from that.


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