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I attended an interview last week and these are the questions they asked.


1. Currently working project.

2. Roles and Responsibilities in the project.

3. How will u do database testing.

4. What is Left outer join.

4. How will u select the 3rd highest salary from the database.

5. They gave me a scenario. There is a read-only text-box and a submit button. When you click the submit button, a table is displayed from the database. But the table has no data. He asked me to write 5 negative test data.

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I also attended one interview last week and below is question asked by them.


1- Describe your role and reposibility in your company?

2- Describe your project and how did you start testing on these projects?

3- Priority and severity and example of high severity and low priority?

4- define test techniques with examples??

5- some questions on database testing like- Inner join, outer join, data integrity etc. ?

6- Use of SQL injection in login page?

7- Data table and check points in QTP?

8- Different tabs and use of these tabs in Quality center?

9- how many types of reports after testing?

10- describe different types of stages in database testing?





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