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Testing the network connectivity issues:

A large portion of the applications are created within the existence of WiFi connectivity, which gives great network connection. However, it’s vital to test applications in this present reality where the client won’t have access to a WiFi connection. Normally, when individuals are on the go, network connection is discontinuous with connection being dropped every so often. Network speeds additionally vary in light of the clients area and the sort of availability they are paying for. Applications must have the capacity to deal with these circumstances with grace and they should be tested for it.

Testing of payment gateways, advertisements etc.

On the off chance that your application makes utilization of in-application payment, ads or payment gateways for e-commerce transactions, you should test the usefulness end to end to guarantee that there are no issues in the exchanges. Testing for payment gateways integration and ads will require accounts to be made with the Payment Gateways and Advertisement servers before the testing process can start.

Localization testing and timezone related issues:

On the off chance that your application is multilingual, it should be tested in different languages to guarantee that there is no character encoding problems, data truncation issues or any UI issues because of changing character lengths. You likewise need to test applications to guarantee that they handle timezone changes. What happens if a user travels across varied timezones and comes back to his/her past timezone? How does your application handle sections with date and time which are in sequence yet not in sequential order?

Testing the mobile + web app related updates:

Does your mobile application have a server end component or a web service it makes use of? Does the mobile application requires an upgrade when the server side component is updated? Assuming this is the case, ensure there is a test case to check this to keep away from any human blunder.

Security perspective testing:

Security and data privacy are of most extreme significance in the present situation. Clients are stressed over their data and information being uncovered through defenseless applications.

Does the application have security certificates.

Does it make use of secure network protocols?

Are there any restrictions in terms of no. of login attempts prior to them being locked out.

These are a few guidelines on the same.

Applications ought to encrypt user names and passwords while validating the client over a network. One approach to test security related situations is to course your mobile’s data through an intermediary/proxy server like OWASP Zed Attack Proxy and search for vulnerabilities.

6. Performance testing:

Have you verified whether the performance of your mobile application debases with increment in the – mailbox size, messages, album, music or whatever other content pertinent to the application?

It’s a great practice to test your application for scalability and performance issues. With substantial storage capacity limit being accessible at moderate costs, it’s uncommon for clients to have extensive measures of information/content on their smartphones. Users even store SMS for quite a long while on their smartphones.

These were a few of the checkpoints in connection with mobile application testing. It’s recommended that you follow the same.

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Nice Post, Every informative and easy to understand, But You can also follow below listed some good practice which is create by me 

Top Mobile Application Testing Checklist

  • Think like a user perspective
  • Never ignore user-experience testing
  • Conduct best performance testing practices
  • Run Security test cases
  • Run Top-notch Accessibility Tests

I hope these top lists of the mobile testing checklist will helpful for you…


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