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Most regular interview questions in manual testing ?

Can anybody give most regular interview questions in manual testing ?

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1> what is softwaretesting

2> what is black box testing

3> what are the software development model

4>what is SRS and BRS

5>what is V model

6>which model is using in your company

7> what is test life cycle

8> what is bug life cycle
9> what is test procedure
10> what is exit critaria
11> what is regression tetsing
12> what is retesting
13>what is smoke testing
14>what is BVA and ECP
15> what is functionatility testing
16> what is load testing
17>what is stress testing
18> what is the difference between bug and error
Thanks Madhukar...
welcome Sekhar, first read all basics from manual testing, you may cover lot of from basics.

all the best

Check out couple of them in our QT Group.


mail me will forward you tons! sabsaq at gmail.com

thanks for sharing this sekar, if you faced any real time example questions ?
Hmmm... in one company they asked me to write program for one sample scenario i.e., for paging like having 1,2,3,4,5,....10 now how to switch from 3rd page to last page and from last page to first page and ....
Program ? u mean script ? by using any tool ?
Hi Sekhar,

Mostly they will ask basic questions with real scenario basis. So what what i would suggest is
- Learn basics from starting to ending
- Learn how to write test cases. test cases template fields
- Learn about Test Plan, how to write and who will prepare
- Traceability Metrics and fields
- Bug life cycle, learn at least one bug tracking tool thoroughly and its fields
- Learn all the definitions

All the best....
Thanks Kiran..

I agree with Kiran's answer. Thanks Kiran



You can get regular Manual Testing interview questions from the below link


It's right


TTWT Magazine





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