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Share any Documents related to Mobile Applicaiton (APPS) tesing ?



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Here are few mind-maps that I would like to share,

Mobile Testing In a Nutshell: http://apps.testinsane.com/mindmaps/Mobile-Testing-In-a-Nutshell

iOS Apps Testing: http://apps.testinsane.com/mindmaps/iOS-Apps-Testing

You can find more mindmaps at http://apps.testinsane.com/mindmaps/

General Testing scenarios in Mobile Application Testing:

  • Connectivity testing- Identify the network connection. 3G/Wifi/Edge

  • Compatibility testing- Check the application with different OS and devices

  • Cross platform testing -Identify the OS and also identify if the device has any cross platform OS installed. Example- 3Gs phone with iOS

  • Orientation testing- Test the Application with landscape and portrait mode

  • Interruption testing- Test the application with following interruption

    • Incoming call(when testing in the middle of the app)

    • Receiving incoming call(when testing in the middle of the app)

    • Receiving message(when testing in the middle of the app)

    • Device shutdown(when testing in the middle of the app)

    • Remove battery(when testing in the middle of the app)

    • Camera activated(when testing in the middle of the app)

    • Lose network connectivity and then regain it(when testing in the middle of the app)

  • Installation / Un-installation of the application

etc lot more scenarios are there to test mobile applications. 

refer this URL it may helpful 2 u http://www.slideshare.net/rahulbluffmaster/mobile-applications-testing

May be I can add about "How to choose automation tools for mobile apps?"

Here is the detailed insights on MonkeyTalk, MonkeyRunner and Appium mobile automation tool - Please read more at https://testinsane.com/blog/our-insight-on-mobile-test-automation-t...

Here are few links about Mobile apps testing:

1)http://bit.ly/1OI5esN(mobile apps testing).

2)http://bit.ly/1IqFPEM(blog on mobile testing).

3) http://bit.ly/1jwmINF(blog on mobile testing).

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Hello buddy,


Mobile app testing must combine a benefit program which involves most of the target devices chosen. It also includes an optimal blend of testing tools- both manual and automated.

Testing of mobile apps is the method which is crucial and due importance should be given to it so that the apps are launched in the marketplace in a timely way and meeting the budget requirements.

Notes on Testing

In the present situation, it is essential that the solutions suggested for mobile app testing provide for continuous integration testing for both primary applications as well as web-based apps.

This must also enable testers to build, modification, or execute tests in a jiffy. The testing solution must also give the plug-in for integrating into Jenkins, or mix with a CI server as an ANT task.

Types of Mobile Application Testing

Crash-Free Testing: This allows to check the durability of the application and eligibility to take a load. Testing specialists also check if its impacts on other applications leading to the bad user experience.

Security Testing: All penetration and firewall issues are sorted out to make sure that no one can obtain information on your device when you are using a specific application.


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