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Hi All...

Please let me know ... Mobile Testing Interview Questions and Answers ?

--Mahesh Dhule

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you are asking for mobile testing or mobile application testing ? both are different things.


hi this is siva i new in mobile testing send me any matiral plz send me my mail id sivapratap55@gmail.com

Hi iam sree iam working on mobile apps testing can u help me with material

Hi Mahesh,

Please refer the below questions

1. What is your approach while Testing Mobile Applications?
2. Have you ever written a Test Plan?What are the things specific to Mobile Application would you emphasis on while writing test plan for Mobile Applications?
3. Do you know Facebook?Tell me what are the High level test cases for Facebook Web Application and for Facebook Mobile Application?
4. Can you please let me know,the devices you have worked upon?
5. Testing of Mobile Application on Emulators.Can you let me know your view?
6. Have you ever worked on any automation tool for Testing Mobile Application?
7. Please tell me about your project.What kind of Mobile Applications have you worked upon?
8. Do you have Idea about Mobile Operating Systems?
9. Blackberry Devices have which Operating system?
10. What is current iOS (iphone OS) version?
11. You have two cases. 1st you can not disconnect your call and 2nd you can not send SMS from your devices.Tell me Severity and Priority in both the cases?
12. What are different Mobile Platforms/OS?
13. What are the different way you can install a Mobile Application?
14. Have you ever worked on Device Anywhere?Do you have experience of working on it?
15. Do you have Idea about application certification program like True Brew Testing(TBT),Symbian Signed Test Criteria,Java Verified Program?
16. See this application(Interviewer is given a Handset with a Mobile Application installed).Tell me what are the bugs in this Mobile application/Game.?
17. Have you ever worked on LBS Application ?
18. How will you test a Location Based Mobile Application?
19. How will you perform Performance Testing for a Mobile Application?
20. What is the difference between Mobile Testing and Mobile Application Testing ?

Thanks and regards,



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