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any tools is available to test streaming app ?

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Streaming application supports the streaming of video content without the support of physical equipment, such as a CD/DVD/USB Device.

It is very important to test streaming apps to ensure following:

- Quality of Video on different Platforms
- Playback Quality
- Different bandwidth Support
- Support for interrupted networks

 As per Cloud testing solutions, below is the kind of testing and tools that are required for a Streaming application:

- UX Testing: Generally this will be complete functional testing. QA Team need to make sure that application UI is same across different browsers and devices.

- Performance Testing: To perform flawless quality at all times is a need for streaming application. There are different tools you can use to test performance of a Streaming app like Web Load, Jmeter, StresStimulus etc.

- Localization Testing: This testing refers to kind of testing based on language, region and culture. Generally this testing is performed based on targeted language and country. We can also automate our test scenarios using Tools like Selenium as same tests needs to be run multiple times in different languages.


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