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How to test a mobile application manually and What are all the scenarios we have to test ?

Hi all,

How to test a mobile application Manually .I need Basic things apart from simulators and emulators .What are all the scenarios we have to test in that (consider it is a apps or else a web site in a mobile)

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Find the below mentioned points which is very useful when performing mobile app testing.

1.)   Testing mobile applications through
i) Devices.
ii) I phone — Simulator
iii) Android – Emulator

2.)   Installation & Uninstallation Testing

3.)   Few Security things if the application is a social networking application or links to a social networking applications like facebook, twitter and LinkedIn etc…

4.)   Inner functionality — Functional testing

5.)   System Crash / Force Close

6.)   Performance & Stress Testing

7.)   Page scrolling

8.)   Navigation to screens

9.)   Truncation errors

10.) Data Testing (Contents)

11.) Performance – application and inner pages load time

12.) Network Testing: (if the application is a Network based application)
i) Verify the behavior of application when there is Network problem and user is performing operations for data call.
ii) User should get proper error message like “Network error. Please try after some time”

13.) Application Specific Testing (ie Application behavior Testing based on the Mobile Device used)/ Some Device specific Testing for the Application

14.) Application Side Effects:
i) Make sure that your application is not causing other applications of device to hamper.
ii) Installed application should not cause other applications of device to hamper.

15) Cosmetic issues (look and feel).

Hi VJkumran ,

Thanks for ur Reply .And i have some few more doubts in this.

a.performance & Stress testing :

consider im testing a iphone Apps , How to test this kind of apps , is there any possbility to test by manual or any specific tool (open source )

And i need some detailed information for the below points

b.System Crash / Force Close

c.Truncation errors

d.Network Testing

Thanks in Advance

I'll let you know performance and stress testing some other time.

System Crash / Force Close

1) In Android Application, force close is nothing but to determine where the error is. When they were not properly  handled the error that time it occurs "Force Close'.

2) Similarly, for iPhone application, instead of force close iPhone app crashes.

Force close and system crash is same. The thing is Force close occurs in Android app and crashes occurs in iPhone App.

Network Testing

Network Testing is a type of testing to check the application whether it runs or not without any network (Like Mobile Network or Wi-Fi).


I hope you are doing good...

There are many different things you have to consider while performing mobile app testing. As per compare to another testing I think mobile app testing more changeling for any tester.

So I would glad to recommend you to read this article, It includes a total of 25 Test Scenarios for Mobile App  Testing, That you must be considered while testing your mobile application...

Read here: 25 Test Scenarios for Mobile App Testing

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