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Can any one tell me what are the testing that are performed on mobile apps testing?


Can any one tell me what are the testing that are performed on mobile apps testing.

What is the major difference between web testing and mobile apps testing.

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Mobile apps are nothing but just like application on desktop. Need to check its compatibility of the apps with the mobile devices.

web application testing:

Has limited scope - the app has to be tested across few browsers that are compatible.

mobile application testing:

The application has to be tested across multiple platforms the application supports. for example application supports android - the application has to be tested across devices of android with all versions.

UI plays a key role and also devices would be launched very frequently and we need to make sure that the app supports the newely lauched devices also.

so testing a mobile app is very much difficult than testing a web app.

What is the major difference between web testing and mobile apps testing.

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Let's Discuss one by one;

What is Mobile App Testing?

Mobile application testing is the type of software testing in which mobile app testing experts ensure the application works as per the user expectations or not. In this process, there are various things that need to consider such as functionality, user experience, reliability, consistency, etc…

Some Important Types of Mobile Application Testing:

1- Compatibility testing

2-User experience Testing

3-Mobile app automation Testing

4-Security Testing

5-Accessibility Testing

6- Quality Assurance Testing

if you want a more extensive overview of app testing please check here: Overview of Mobile Application Testing

Hello Ravi,

As per qa software testing company, following are the types of testing you can perform on a mobile app.

Mobile Apps testing can be categorized as below:

Hardware Testing
In this type of testing a mobile app is tested on devices having different screen resolutions, different processors, different memory etc.

Software Testing
Software testing can be categorized in to following testing types:

Functional Testing
In this an application is validated with respect to business scenarios. Each function is checked whether that is working as per business specification or not.

Usability testing
This Kind of testing is done to make sure that application is easy to use for end users.

Performance Testing
This kind of testing is done when multiple users are trying to access application at the same time. Also this kind of testing includes testing of application on various networks like 2G,3G, 4G and Broadband etc.

Compatibility Testing
This testing includes testing of applications on different OS, Browser, Memory and Different screen sizes.It also include installation of application on different devices.



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