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Hi all,


I want to know about mobile application testing for iphone, android. How to start testing mobile application.


Thank you.


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There are some minimum tests that have to be performed in mobile applications.

Following are some of them.


1) Installation : Installation should be successful, version no, release notes should be available and icon should be created. 

2) Un installation : Un Installatio should be successful.

3) Navigation.

4) Application Start/Stop behaviour.

5) some tests on Network

6) Voice call handling while using the application.

7) SMS handling while using application.

8) Unmapped keys should not working while using application.

9) Application logo should be present

10) Try to install and use the application, when u have low memory.

11) Try to use Clear key. Clear key should navigate to the previous screen.

12) Visual feedback of the application

13) continual keypad entry.

14) charger effect

15) removal of battery.

16) battery consumption

17) Access application when low battery.

18) Installed application should not hamper any other installed application.

19) External communications like bluetooth and IR.



Apart from the above, the test cases and testing depends on the functionality of your application.


Common issues while testing android and iphone.



  • .apk file was not properly compilated, triggering many parsing errors.
  • Screen resolution is not properly set.
  • Sound still working out of the sandbox environment (when minimized, the application sound still being reproduced).
  • Sound is linked to media volume (both device’ media volume, and application volume should work in a different way).
  • Application is designed to be used with a capacitive screen, but is also released by “resistive” screens (use your imagination to think about the huge impact of this
  • All graphics are stored in a common folder (this files should be compiled/obfuscated, but the user should not be able to see the graphics/tilesets)



  • Believe or don’t, you can find a lot of compatibility issues between the 3g. 3gs and 4g devices. Most of them related to performance, memory leaks, etc.


Hello Suman Ravuru,


Thank you very much for this. Its really helpful and easy to understand.



Testing is a much larger topic and there are numerous ways to test an application (mobile or not).  I'll assume that your are not asking how to test and are instead asking more about the technical aspects of testing for the mobile platform.


On both platforms you are going to want to create a tiered testing approach.  iPhone and Android both have an emulator program and you are going to want to focus your automation efforts on this.  In other words, you will want to create automated scripts that load the application in the emulator and verify (or specify) the behavior of the application.  I would also use the emulator as a first-look verification of the visual aspects.  I suggest making these two things the majority of your testing effort.


The next thing you will do is load the application on a device (phone).  While this is important, you do not want to make this your primary focus while testing as the testing will move slowly and the feedback loop is very long.  Use this as a review of the primary behavior - perhaps once a week or so.


As far as tools, I would suggest cucumber with iCuke for the iPhone platform.  I have experience with this and know that it works very well.  For android I would look into the selenium android driver.  I have not used it but it seems to be the best I could find.  Although this driver is available on Java I would suggest using the ruby bindings as you will likely find them much simpler to use.


Hope this helps.

You can try out test tool like eggPlant. The GUI based test tool can perform mobile application testing across all operating systems and devices. However its not open source. 

Get more information at www.testplant.com 


TestMax offers Mobile Application/Content Testing which makes sure that it delivers desired content and required quality to the end user.

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I am new in mobile testing, I have one question -  What is difference b/w Native & Hybrid App?

Please also share any document, test case for further reference.


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