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Hi All,

Please share your knowledge about maximum number of threads, we can use in jmeter.?

waiting for your answers.

Thanks in advance.

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One machine can be used 100 threads otherwise system gets hang.

Thanks Sekhar,

if i'll use more than 100 then result will accurate or not?

I think the number of threads a system can handle depend on the system configuration including OS/RAM etc.

Go to task manager and see the performance tab where in you can see the Total number of threads currently active a system.

Thnks Santhosh for reply.

Please help me out that how can i measure or see this in task manager.

The active number of thread displayed in the performance tab - windows.

If linux I think

cat /proc/sys/kernel/threads-max will give the max threads.

To find out how many for each configuration, i dont know as it depends more than one attribute configuration. Simple way is you can write a java(any language) to create number of threads in a loop..at some point you will get cannot create native thread exception........and that might be the limit in that system.


Thanks Santhosh but i am not getting the point. I am in windows..

In performance tab, no of threads are varrying, so how can i know the particular limit.?

Since you are using jmeter, You can just copy paste the java code from the link i have provided(applicable for both linux and windows) and find out the thread limit....

To see the active number of threads..attached the snapshot of task manager....

Thanks for the help. Let me try this one and will get back to you if i'll still have any issue.

where i have to paste this code.becoz i am using Jmeter(GUI) not command line.....?

Hi Guys,

 we can generate 5000 or more threads through multiple system with jmeter on a server this is lie in distributed testing and plot a single graph.

Either you can simply used 100 threads with loop count 2-3 or 4....etc. it means the total no. of executed threads are multiplied by loop count.



Hi All,

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