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Hi all, I just started learning Manual testing online. Could anybody explain,

what are the crucial steps to test a WEBSITE? 

What is Performance Testing? Especially, for a website testing. 

Thanks in advance


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First of all you need to understand the requirements then you will perform manual testing, there are many methods to do manual testing like you are able to test application/product able to follow right functional flow, any text/ spelling mistakes are there/any design issues are there/ compatibility issues/navigation flow is working or not......etc like wise you need to perform testing on app.

Sam - As Kanakala pointed out, it all depends on the requirements you are testing your website against. Not all web-based applications are tested the same way. Some things to consider are:

1. Is this a brand new launch of a website? Or some enhancements in layout or functionality on an existing website?

2. Is the website going to be internationalized for other languages as well? Or is it just going to be in English?

In terms of performance testing, again - it depends on the requirements on what is expected to suffice for this piece of testing. But usually, the most common ones to test are:

1. Testing website performance under extreme network stress

2. Testing concurrent users performing same/multiple functions across the website (to check the stability of the backend databases or UI/content rendering). Note: Content here can include images as well..

Hope this serves as a good starting point...


Below testing is necessary for any web application testing other than functionality testing

1. Usability testing- How User friendly the system is. Tester need to check whether a Guest user is able to use the system well. So Need to test on page navigation, User friendly message, validation messages. All the messages should be understandable to a common user

2. GUI testing- Check the page design, labels, Buttons, Field values. All the values should be displayed properly and meaningful. Check spelling mistakes, alignment, page navigation, Broken links etc

3. Browser compatibility testing- This is a challenging testing in web application. We have nowadays lot of browsers and different versions are available. So the developed application should work on all recent browsers and version. There are many tools available in market for browser compatibility testing

4. Performance testing: This testing is done based on the requirement. Not all the web application need to do performance testing. We need to do performance testing where lot of users  and large number of data is stored.

For EG; A banking website need to do performance testing since there will be lot of users and transactions occurs. So using tools , we can check for a scenarios with multiple users. Say for EG: login page, using tools we can create virtual users and theses users will be logged into the website at the same time. So we can check how the system perform at that particular time. Response time and throughput time of the site will be analysed using performance testing.

We cant test performance testing manually.


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