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One Form Contains 2 text boxes and 3 buttons 

 1st textbox for username

2nd textbox for password

1st button  for submit

2nd button for reset

3rd button for cancel

Conditions :

If any data is entered in atleast  any one of the textbox then reset button enable otherwise disable condition

 If data is entered in both textboxes then submit button enable otherwise disable

Cancel button is always enabled.

 after clicking submit  it redirects to home page ( any data in 2 textboxes treat as valid)

after clicking reset button all the fields should be reset

after clicking cancel page will close


write the test cases for this scenario?




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It is assume as simple but maximum will do a mistake

Why will "maximum be a mistake"? This could be the loginScreen for Neil Armstrong to his Apollo 11 control steering.

Then I def. would do the maximum of testcases & be sure that everything works as specified?!

I don't really get the point of this post - you already have all the informations you need? Just have to write down the testcases?

in table format testcase,input and expected result

u have to write the test steps and expected result its very simple .

what are the fields changes when reset button clciked


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