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Can anybody give the project based interview questions in real time.?


Can anybody give the project based interview questions in real time.



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 You must have the proper understanding of your project ...  Who the client is , what is the purpose of this system.. 

what was your role on that project .. and so on ... on the whole you must be comfortable in describing your project .. 


Samrat Jha


Interview questions can be behavioral as well as functional when it comes to projects.

For example: In the behavioral portion, you might be asked questions like this:
-> Tell me a time when you faced a problem with the development build and how did you go about strategizing your testing on that build?
-> Let's say you had just 1 day to complete your testing and you got a new build today from the developers. How would you make the best use of that build to minimize any risk of new defects occurring?

Functional questions are usually straight forward. For example:
-> What is regression testing?
-> What is the main difference between Black box and White box testing?  


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