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How to start the testing.what is the procedure.How to write test cases


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hi D,

Good day!!!

i have working in backup software company as QA engg. i will tell my testing cycle in our company.. its going to help you just overview.  If any features or application has introduced in products or company.. Management has assign the development team and QA team as well. From that time developers has developed the features. QA reponsibility to analyze the features. QA has to gain the entire knowledge about the product or features. QA has need to read the forums, discussions, websites. and also one more thing QA has to review the compatative products.. how they are implement the features how we are better than competitors. major thing is we need to analyse the customer real time usages,cases, real time environments.what they are expecting.

development seminor:

development team has explain functionality of the features or product at that time..we can raise our questions what we are analyzing the features.

Test-case management:

we can design the test cases based on the customer requirements.

test cases may design for the following methods:

1.Major test cases
2.minor test cases
3.positive cases
4.negative cases
5.installation cases
6.real time usage cases

the simplest format of the test case is

test-case ID : test-cases :expected result: actual result:success/failure:bug ID:comments

Test-case management meetings:

developers, QA and management has review our test cases then they give their feed backs.

Issue tracking:

Developers are give their builds what they are developed. we can test our local enviroment then check whether any issues occurs. if so we can track the same. and assign the same to developers.then they can resolve the issues.

Release meeting:

Developers , QA and management has review the consolitate build features

Beta builds:

If the QA has qualified the features has fine. then it can be give to customer for testing the feature has works well or not.

build release:

After testing the beta builds in customer ends. the development build has release for customer real time usage.

this is our QA process ..

hope u get little bit idea for testing environment..( testing method differ every company dont consider this is rightway )

QA engg.

Thanks Saravan,

I am beginner to testing field. I am preparing for interview.I have gone through all theory notes and definitions.But I want to develop some test cases to get correct idea. Exactly when a specification has given from where we have to start. And  for all scenarios need to prepare VIT,IVIT and then need to develop test cases. Can you give some data where I can prepare BVA and ECP. If any material please provide me.


Thank you.

thanks saravanakumar




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